Another new image from Kyo-Akemori. Actually two versions of it, due to a small mistake. The final version is the one with the big treasure chest, while the second one is the original version before the correction [the correction mostly being the addition of said treasure chest, and an alteration to the expression].

Truth be told, I really need to find a good way to play these games thoroughly, but this is Linear Cannon from the “Shinkisekai Evolutia” series of games, or “Evolution”, as seen on both the Sega Dreamcast and the Nintendo GameCube.

To be honest, I requested this image [along with Popuri from the earlier commission] in order to break from the solid chain of Dragon Quest V related material. It’s not the only reason, as there might ultimately be some later purpose behind Linear’s art here, maybe not. ._.

But yeah, for those who are familar enough with the character [I know a least one or two people I know fall under this], I wanted to go a bit astray from Linear’s usual ‘super shy’ impression. Not enough to take away from it completely, but I wanted to give her a bit of an actiony appearance.

The treasure chest in the picture is based off another image I referenced to Kyo, but in the context of the Evolution games, it makes some sense, being Linear has at least been around a lot of different treasure hunters in her time, so it only makes some sense she might have learned some of their tricks and trade on her own time.

The idea is that this Linear, while not quite completely over her more nervous traits, has progressed a lot more since the original 2 games [including going from almost fully taciturn to being able to actually speak on an almost common basis, even in spite of her shyness], and also gaining some firm backbone to do the occasion job herself now.

In other words, making her a bit more… kickass maybe? :P

Anyways… I won’t go into anymore on the premise. As for the second version of the image, as I had mentioned, the treasure chest had not been in that version, and I had made the mistake by not specifying it to Kyo before, so her expression was a bit more embarassed/shy. At least her outfit ends in shorts, so there’s not actually a thing like a panty shot… you pervs. :P

I kept both versions for comparison, and to give an idea what the changes actually where. I don’t know how much the addition of the chest to the final image changes the perception of things, but oh well. :P

So yeah… a new commission done for me, but this time you’ll notice it’s not professormegaman, but a different artist by the name of "Kyo-Akemori"


For some context to this picture, you’d have to understand my history with the FPS genre. Sure… Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were a huge part of my younger ages and molded me to become interested in the genre, but at the same time, I was also an RPG fan due to games like EarthBound, Final Fantasy VI and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. For those who follow my “Naferia’s Reign” modification I mention from time to time, you’ll know one of the main features is to have multiple playable characters available to the player in the same party at the same time, giving a more RPG front to the mod. However there was an initial inspiration for that particular idea in NR, and that was a game known as Crime Crackers, or “クライムクラッカーズ”. Despite the fact that neither game in the series was brought here to America, I was still able to get the idea of the RPG/FPS hybrid concept from the EGM magazine I saw in 1994, the year of the first game’s release. The character above is Popuri, or “Potpurri Vamp”[“ポプリ・ヴァンプ”], a [sadly] non-playable character in the game, whom for the longest time I believed was a hidden playable character due to her prominence on the game’s cover-art and the obscure amount of screenshots I had on hand of the game. The truth is she’s supposedly a type of ‘cyber elf’, from documents at "Gaming Sanctuary", although I’ve always gotten a kind of vampiric or demonic vibe from her design. Although she’s not playable, the plot establishes she can control a sort of bio-electrical energy, which I still would’ve thought would’ve made a great attack for her had she been playable. For one of my own ideas for a storyline, I came up with a more ‘active’ version of the character who would in addition to bio-energy attacks, have some form of martial arts ability, hence why the image depicts her in a kick and wearing golden knuckles. So yeah, I’ve seen all but one other fanart of Popuri, and very few of Crime Crackers the series in general. I had planned to commission an image of Popuri in the past, and maybe some of the other characters from the game, but the person I planned to commission never got around to my idea and I drifted away from the idea. Then not long ago, I came on Kyo-Akemori and his commissions [which going to his page, they cost dA points, not full out money]. So I decided to take him up on this and one other commission for another not-as-obscure RPG series that’ll be added soon. And thus this picture now exists. Yay me. :P


I’m creating my own post of this to spread awareness.  If the victim’s text confessions from their coming forward somehow don’t carry enough weight to grasp your eyes and ears attention, I -dare- you to say that to their actual spoken words.  I may not personally know every single one of these victims firsthand, but you best believe that I’m willing to stand alongside each and every one of them and help bring this toxic asshole who’s been festering for years now to the swift justice he deserves.  And as for everyone who’s doing their best to fling themselves under the bus to try and protect him?  You will be given the same receipt.

I care.  And you should too.

Link for the Tumblr Masterpost:

signal boost o.o

Sort of a ‘detour’ from all the previous works related to Dragon Quest from ‘professormegaman’ that I’ve put on this channel.

This one has no relation to the same project or even the same game. It’s more of an image of his he left incomplete and I all but bugged him to complete [with a but of $ compensation].

Enjoy Princess Gwaelin/Lady Lora [of Dragon Quest I] as a dancer, both in the completed full colors and the original flat colors version. :P





As of 10:30PM EST, 28/6/14, superpsyguy is now a protected account. All of his art and poetry submissions from his deviantart account have been hidden and the journals purged (considerably more effort to accomplish, yet not nearly as permanent as deactivation). He has yet to deactivate like he has with the now-defunct ‘abberuin’ page. Same goes with his main youtube page, ‘superpsyguy’, while ‘thecartridgeblowers’ and ‘doesathing’ remains untouched and active. His 'fanpage' for Facebook has been removed and redirects to the Facebook homepage. His personal tumblr account, superpsyguy, remains un-updated since 14/6/14.

Please be aware that

are all alternate accounts owned by Bryon Beaubien.

This is a growing list as more are being remembered/uncovered by the minute.

Do you have something to hide, Bryon?

I don’t know. Maybe he just wants to be left alone for a change.

Unless there’s some legitimate reason to harp on him, like he took commissions and then never followed up on them, or he personally harassed someone, or some similar egregious offense (I haven’t been paying attention much to what’s been going on other than “ugh that guy”) maybe he’s locking everything up because people are being assholes about something they shouldn’t.

Most people are good about being able to say, “no, this isn’t worth it, I’m not going to stay here” when it comes to things like that.

I haven’t been paying attention much to what’s been going on other than “ugh that guy””


maybe he’s locking everything up because people are being assholes about something they shouldn’t”


Okay, I can see that you just want to give the benefit of the doubt here, but you really should read more about what’s going on here before trying to do so. Especially since you just admitted you don’t know much about this situation.

There’s everything you need to know and then some. Scroll through the rest of the superpsyguy-callout tumblr as well. Please don’t brush this off as anger for the sake of anger, because its not. Those of us who have dealt with Bryon’s abusive and manipulative behavior don’t really appreciate the implication.

Okay see

THIS is why raising awareness is so important you guys.

Also, no. ಠへಠ, “TL:DR” is no friggin excuse at this point to anyone who might be daring to say that. I’m tired of the “TL:DR” culture being a unwitting accomplice in these kinds of situtations. x.x

Final Phase of Commission #11: Third segment of final product [4th of 4 parts]

This final part deals with all the combinations where the Witch King’s Flail is the ‘front’ flail in the combination.

So yeah, anyways… being this is the final segment of the entire thing: after notes:

Yeah… as mentioned, this one… took a lot longer than either Brian or I expected it would. I also had to compliate the 44 different images you saw from the PSD file he sent me, as he was outright unwilling to do that grunt work himself. I figured I could handle it well enough, knowing what combinations I needed and wanted, and thus here we go.

So yeah, the four types of flail are two types of Chain Chomp from the Mario series, the Dragon Quest series’ own Flail of Destruction, and the flail used by the Witch King in Lord of the Rings.

There were three poses, and the one that obviously took the most time was the dual wielding one, as there were 16 combinations of flails that could’ve been done, and the other half of the images were including the visual effects like the whooshing of the weapons in mid swing.

I don’t know if I’ll ever revisit flails as a weapon display again after this, considering how damn much this agitated Brian from time to time, I might some time do some other weapons or even some equipment combinations, but not right away. The next commission [if applicable] will be another scene, probably a continuation of the same series from where the last commission left off. :P

Stay well folks, hopefully I didn’t flood you all out of house and home with all these posts. @_@

Final Phase of Commission #11: Third segment of final product [2nd of 4 parts]

This specfic segment deals with all the combinations where the Flail of Destruction [yes, the same one from DQ] is the ‘front’ flail in the combination.

Final Phase of Commission #11: Third segment of final product [1st of 4 parts]

Yeah, FOUR segements. This section has THIRTY-TWO combinations, the most of any pose in not just THIS commission and but any of them ProfessorMegaman has done for me thus far. Needless to say, we both underestimately just how long this one was going to take.

This set deals with all the combinations where the Chain-Chomp [non spiked] is the ‘front’ flail in the combination.

Final Phase of Commission #11: Second Phase of image.

This one has more varients, due to having both a non-FX and an FX version. The same four types of FLAIL are shown here. More will be discussed on the image as a whole in the final post/segment of this. :P

Final Phase of Commission #11: First segment of finished product.

Note I say first segment because there’s FOURTY-FOUR images to place. Granted, most of them are from one pose-set, and there’s only 3 pose sets, but I don’t know the maximum amount of pictures I can upload at once. I’ll have to see.

This one is the smallest set, and it gives a preview to what’s next. Note the different types of FLAIL here. That’s the central theme of this commission as a whole: FLAILS :P

Hopefully I won’t have to break this down into TOO many posts, but whatevs. >.>


Anonymous asked:

What is your take on this anti-psyguy hype? I'm for it.


Read More

Do not read this until you’ve read the above post. >__>;


I think this is going to be the point where if I had any doubts about Psyguy[Bryon Beaubein]’s issues, they’ve been pretty much erased. Truth be told I’d been keeping an eye on all of the stories and testimonies from Shannon, Liz, Ame, Prismaya, Mausey (whom I’m only vaugely aware of due to owning one of the REALLY old Wha-Chows where she was mentioned), Cailen, Meta, TheWiseMankey, Mike Renner, Niro Rose/Jake and every other person that I know I won’t remember to mention here, or whom I’m pretty certain will add their stories onto the pile o’ testimonies after this is posted. I was honestly wondering where Vero stood on this issue and if she’d say something about it or not before I’d say anything.

When she did finally chime in, I immediately went and read her story, noting as someone who’s ‘employed’ her in the past for a project or two [I’ll get to that in a bit >.>], and while I’m very relieved she was barely involved and had to deal with the same kind of shit most of the other girls and even some of the guys here have, I was already tilting against Bryon heavily before she spoke up in particular. I feel it’s time to put my [near-worthless] two cents in on this matter, and the reason I call it near-worthless…

I do want to make something clear though. I have never been a member of FB20XL/Fireball20XL in any way shape or form. I should probably explain. Finding FB20XL and by extension Psyguy and his crew was more of a by-chance thing. I was a fan of the old ur-example spritecomic “Bob and George”, and as a member of their community, I discovered of a fancomic known as “In Wily’s Defense”, which if you know anything about this, you’ll realize Mike Renner was the creator of that comic. I hung out at the IWD site for a long while, going through that archive and keeping up with Renner’s projects, including the ambitious stuff for his Fetch Quest project, which is how I came to learn more about people like Cailen Crow and Alan “OMA” Sullivan. Eventually I looked through the IWD links section and found FB20XL that way.

See, I’ll quickly get this off my chest: I’ve never been a Sonic fan. I’ve never hated the franchise, but I was a Nintendo kid through and through, until getting hooked directly to PC gaming for years and skipping pretty much any console since the SNES. I’ve had minimal experience with actually playing Sonic games, being that Sonic 3 was the only one I ever had experience with due to a family my mom had a babysitting job with owning it. I only saw up to Marble Garden Zone in that game due to the short length of time I’d have when I visited my mom at the end of her job-hours.

So yeah… never got into Sonic. And I won’t brush all Sonic fans this way, but I can understand why some people grief about how annoying the hardcore part of the Sonic fanbase sometimes get. I’m not sure I’d have immediately classified Psyguy as someone that obsessed with it. He certainly did initally come off not-as-bad as some Sonic fans on YouTube who pushed their obsession too far I had encountered. But I didn’t go there because of Psyguy. I didn’t really care that much about his status as a celebrity at the time, as I was already about 20 years old and out of school when I discovered FB20XL, so I wasn’t some awe-struck teenage fan of crude jokes and stuff. And to be honest… every since leaving high-school, I’ve been weary of overuse of said crude jokes.

Which is why I was so surprised looking back that I got so attached to the “Wha-Chow” ‘podcasts’ featuring Psyguy and many of his other co-workers and friends. I remember my first one being the Kyle Hebert one, which was a fair bit more ‘professional’ than a lot of the earlier ones. There were still some crude jokes here and there, but compared to a lot of what came before it and a lot of them after it, it was light. Anyways… I also learned Calien and Mike were in that particular Wha-Chow, and for a while… I got Psy and Cailen’s voices confused. Yeah, way to go me. x.x

Anyways… when I came to realize who was who… I came to not mind some of the jokes people were putting out, at least the less sexual oriented ones. I will also not beat around the bush, Calien has admitted he has been in league with Psy on a fair amount of jokes in the past, but at least Calien has had the maturity to own up to his mistakes, of which I have respect for him for. I also found myself more interested in Calien and Kirbopher and a lot of the other guests on the show. Psy was… he was ‘okay’ I suppose, but even then I felt, “Man, what an ego this guy can have at times. I’m surprised his head doesn’t explode from all of it. :P”

Funny thing is, even now… I still own a lot of the first 50-60 Wha-Chows that were archived on the original Fireball site. I think #4 is the first one I have, where as I said, Mausey was mentioned in passing. I didn’t even know who ‘Mausey’ was at the time, and I thought she was actually a guy for the longest time, but later Wha-Chows mentioned nothing of her, and it faded from my mind until the next time I’d listen to that particular one, and then fade away again, and again.

But yeah… looking back on things today. I remember a particular Wha-Chow where Calien mentioned the age of legal consent was 16 in his state [I think North Carolina at the time], and Psy said to the effect OF “Guess where I’m going. Ching!” and I was all… “blah, not really funny dude”, but I admit even I wasn’t outright alarmed by it. Despite my [attempt to] disdain toward most cruder forms of humor, I let a lot of shit I heard just slide, thinking, probably like a lot of people in the day, especially other males, that it was just the usual nature of that group of goofballs on Wha-Chow, and yes I admit, there were legitimately funny things they’ve said, even to this day, but I now feel kinda dirty considering listening through the old Wha-Chows for some of the stuff Psy in particular says on certain topics.

I just want to drop a note I have been mentioned on a specfic Wha-Chow once, the one where Psy and Kirbopher were doing a Q&A on the cancelled fourth season of TTA, or “TV Tome Adventures”, another series I was really into at the time that Kirb worked on that later was reborn as “TOME” in the modern day (which again I watch due to my interests from the old series). I had a couple of questions I had sent to Kirb due to it being a questionarre-thon and I don’t think either one snarked at me about it. They just went through my questions and that was it. I know it’s not important to bring this up, but I figured I’d put context into that, and make sure you all know I did have a very minor involvement in at least one of the Wha-Chows. >.>

Okay, so getting PAST Wha-Chow for now. The reason I’m even really interested in mentioning of my experience here is due to Vero-chan, as I might have mentioned before. See, Psy was the brainchild [at least I assume he was] of the ‘Bastardized’ series of webvideos. Things involving cartoons and animated movies like Transformers, the 80s TMNT cartoons, one of the Sonic animated movies or series, Pokemon in some form, and probably many other things. It was through some of these I learned of the talents of Vero and some others, including Niro who had been at least involved in the TMNT project alongside Vero, Calien, Kirb and Psy himself. I do remember the creepy Don/April implications in Bastardized [and that Psy voiced Don while Vero was April], and I infact still own bloopers of TMNT bastardized too. And interesting little joke Vero had dropped was about someone having a “gypsy voodoo doll” of her [I assume Psy was whom she was talking to while doing the voices, as she had done so with me in a similar way on the NR project which I’ll get to eventually >.>], which I admit I found funny at the time, but looking back on this… ick now I feel dirty thinking of it again. x.x

Now, I was trying to find voice actors for my Naferia’s Reign mod project for Duke Nukem 3D. I admit, the Duke Nukem fandom has it’s own problems, and in some respects some of their fans can be as bad as the worst of the Sonic fans, but I say my status as a Duke Nukem fan to be more unique than a lot of people. My mod was[techincally still is, being it’s just on break due to other factors in my life slowing me down] trying to add more depth to the Duke Nukem 3D universe and actually introduce a real story to things, even going so far as to give Duke and other involved characters fleshed out, conscious backstories, giving all of them hidden depths.

NR is a project that combines Duke’s FPS style gameplay with more RPG like elements, but most triumphantly the ability to have an RPG-style party of multiple characters at the same time, and there are 15 playable characters. Two of them in particular, Lisa Bates and Maken Shinkara are actually voiced by Vero, and I feel she’s done a great job despite the fact we haven’t gotten together specfically to do any other acting for the characters in the past 3-4 years due to various delays and RL crap on both our ends. When I first met Vero, I told her it was because of Bastardized and her roles as April in TMNT Bastardized and Sarah in Sonic Bastardized that I got interest in her skills. I felt she was a good fit for the playable character of Lisa, whom while from a rich family and upbring, was still a lot more down to earth and kind-hearted to those in the lower-classes of society than she was, due to her good friendship with another playable character and other background characters. I don’t want to spoil Lisa’s backstory anymore, and truth be told, I’m not honestly doing this to premote NR this time [if you want to find NR, you need to look through my older blog posts, as I refuse to link it here and be accused of peddling my wares in this post].

More chat with Vero had revealed she was also the voice of Pikachu in Pokemon Bastardized, and I was told she considered herself cursed to be forever known as the eternal Pikachu voice. To be honest, I wasn’t thrilled to hear that, considering I felt Vero had done much better roles than a mere Pikachu [and to be perfectly honest, I’m not a Pokemon fan either, but I’m more neutral towards Pokemon and have never played the games, so I won’t go more into it >.>]. I also didn’t like the idea of how sexualized her characters of April and even Sarah had been casted in Psy’s works. I have always felt that female characters in stories can easily be a lot more than a lot of writers/developers are willing to go with them, and thus I didn’t see her voice as ‘hot’ the way Psy had. I honestly felt Lisa’s personality could be filled by Vero’s acting, and I even recalled telling her she shouldn’t accept just being the ‘eternal Pikachu’, or something along that line. I also didn’t appriciate all the rape jokes made by Psy’s younger fans to Vero about the depiction of April. That made me shudder. x~x

But you know what, Vero really DID turn out well for the role. In fact, I had been coming up with a new playable character, Maken Shinkara, a sort of hacker and computer specialist with her own murky deeds, and Vero also ended up roping her role. I had recalled one of her impressions of Daisy from the Mario series, and had Vero put a ‘rougher’ spin on it to form Maken’s more southern accent. I felt the idea of a hacker with a rough southern accent would be an interesting spin, being that a lot of people with a southern accent can be wrongly accused of low IQs and to buck that trend. Vero liked the idea of it so much that we even ended up casting her characters as serious-to-later-become-playful rivals in the context of the story, and it even developed the premise for the ‘Cola Wars’ picture depicting them which you can also find further down the blog (of which Vero actually drew and colored, and I added the background for), where Lisa favors Coca-Cola and Maken Pepsi, due to the fact Vero had done the drowning lines for each character with said sodas as a basis [Coke for Lisa, Pepsi for Maken]. It was fun times. And we’re still friends and talk even to this day. I just spoke to Vero a while ago on Skype to let her know I was going to write this post.

Now granted, a lot of this has been more about Vero, more about other members of Fireball20XL than it has been Psyguy. I will outright admit, one good thing Psy did for me was introduce me to Vero and Ame/Tara. I don’t know Tara nearly as well as I do Vero, but I have spoke to her in comments on DeviantArt over some of her pictures, including one where her character cameoed as a slimed ‘babe’ from the Duke Nukem series, which had caught my attention. I admit I haven’t spoke to her in a while, but it’s more that I’m busy and she’s also busy and we just really don’t have a lot to talk about. I also admit I haven’t talked to Vero enough lately either, again because both of us have our real lives to deal with, and such. I hope when I get back to working on NR we can get back together and do more voices and other possible things, but that’s not so important. This isn’t to promote projects, this is to promote the PEOPLE behind them, and to address the Psy issue.

Despite some of the not as bad things Psy’s done that helped me meet and get to know of the talents of people like Kirbopher, Calien, Vero, Ame/Tara, etc, etc… I can’t condone the things I’ve been hearing, the accusations of pedophilia are just a big cloud of “NOPENOPENOPE D:” over my head, not to mention the stories of verbal and mental abuse and all the other things. I’ve also recently seen some of the more hidden stuff from , which I WILL link to since it’s relevant to the topic at hand. >.>

Now, as much as we have to keep an eye out for Psy and people like him, there’s also an importance in acknowledging and admiring the perserverance of people like Shannon, Liz, Tara, Prism, Vero, Calien, Meta, Niro and anyone else who’s come out publicly on this (the latter of whom I’ve heard is now being strong-armed by HIS OWN FATHER, possibly because of Psy’s influence D:). This can’t be an easy thing for them to deal with. We have to also remember their courage and not just the fact that Psy’s been grooming and manipulating and putting these people down for so long.

Also, I want to quickly address the “dissenters”. I know of Mike Pollock and his skepticism. I know he’ll probably never see this, but I have to say: Mike, I understand you have concerns about this kind of stuff out on the internet (aka the “public court of opinion”), and I had my own reservations when the stories where just starting to come out a couple of days ago. I wasn’t sure I wanted to believe what some of them were saying… but there’s over 20, if not 30+ different stories, and they’re not just from the many girls Psy’s ‘been through’ in the last 10+ years, but also from close MALE colleuges whom I’m sure you know have been there from the beginning. I still have the first Wha-Chow you appeared in for example, so I know you’ve met some of these guys. I also know that deep down, you’ve probably got your own reservations. I’m not sure to just the extent of possibly how manipulative Psy is, but I want you to understand, even if you don’t immediately believe the stories you’ve heard, compare your OWN experience with Psyguy with them. I’m not sure you can claim Psy’s never tried to manipulate you in some manner before.

The problem is, sometimes we don’t always know it is manipulation, that he’s just using you to get what he wants and then stop talking to you when it’s prominent. I admit, I don’t always talk to people like I did before, but I haven’t forgotten them, and I don’t just call on them because ‘lol I needs this come help me’. I know I can attest I’ve spoke to Vero just to make chat with her in the past, along with a lot of other people.

Problem is, some of us might not be aware that we’re also subconsciously manipulating others for our own ends. The thing is, if we DO realize it, do we have the guts to ADMIT it and try to change our ways, or do we ignore it and keep doing it without regard for others? :o

Also one more question to Mike Pollock: I’m just curious, did you skim the different stories or have you had the time to read them over in detail and do comparing and contrasting? I feel if you really want to find out of this is true, that’s going to be a lot of what you’ll need to look through for evidence right now. More might be coming, but I would suggest not to so easily or quickly blow off such a number of stories from people who weren’t just FANS of Psyguy, but fellow colleauges and relationships.

Also on the subject of Mike Pollock for the rest of you, I do agree with what people have been saying: DON’T flame him. Don’t demean him so quickly. He does have some right to have initial skepticism. All of us do, but it doesn’t immediately mean he’s intentionally condoning Psy’s actions… not yet anyways. Wait until more proof comes up Mike is just TL:DRing your stories and blowing them off before you consider going after him, or any other skeptic. I don’t agree that there’s insufficient evidence or whatever they’re saying, but they are going to have to make their own choices on the matter. Granted I don’t follow Sonic stuff, so I really don’t know or follow Mike Pollock and thus my opinion of him is neutral for now.

I guess if I had something to say to Psy, I’d say… seriously, just be honest. If you did do this all shit, admit to it, and person up about it. Don’t try to hide or deny this stuff. It’s only going to hurt you more if you keep denying it or sending hordes of fans whom don’t know better or understand after people, or making empty legal threats about it. I could possibly… possibly find myself willing to forgive some of your actions if you could admit to it and change yourself to be a better man over this. I don’t really like people who think they’re always right and everyone else is wrong. Land knows I had to deal with a couple of people like that in high school who are still friends with me to this day. The reason why they’re probably still my friends? They admitted to their mistakes and matured. You don’t appear to have done so… at least… not yet.

Okay… I’m seriously worn out from writing this… I didn’t expect to type this much shit on something like this. Sorry if this near worthless two-cents was TL:DR material, but I had to get it out. x.x

Phase 4.1 for Commission #11.

More colors and the Toga Ridges are finally filled in. :P

And yes, she has something in at least one of her hands in each image now. What is that thing you ask? Well, it’s one of multipled possible ‘things’ she’ll be wielding in this commission.

In other words, there’s planned to be multiple versions of each pose again, like in some other pics. I’ll give you one hint, it’s a type of weapon she’s holding, just that it’s not fully drawn yet in these images.

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