Phase ‘4’ [final?] of Commission #10.

Two versions of the completed image for you.

So yeah, after over 2 months of planning and toil, this thing is finally finished. This was $90 to get done, and there were a lot of varients, specfic for Flora/Nera and the Cacodemons, although there were a lot of mistakes we had to catch, like ‘dino-feet Baron of Hell’ and the Cacos lacking a blue inside to their mouths among other things.

For the scene summary though: this is very very early in the new segments that chronicle this project idea of mine. If you remember the image were she and Sauron were staring each other down; think of that image as the penultimate moment before the final battle of one particularly action-y part of the project, and then you can think of this scene as near the BEGINNING of that chapter, back when she’s still very weak, inexperienced and easy-to-scare compared to the Sauron-staredown version we see later on.

And yes, this chapter of the project crosses over elements of Doom among other things, as the demons have been forcibly employed under a post-RingWar Sauron who though consequences of luck and cunning, has come back stronger than he ever was in the original Tolkien legacy, and has taken the top dog position as the ‘HaSatan’ [ruler] of Hell and now commands all these Hellspawn into battle, along with some new types that might appear in later commissions depicting other scenes in this chapter of the project.

This scene is actually on Earth, currently in the middle of an invasion by Sauron and the Hellspawn, for reasons at the time that are not known to anyone but him, and she is only here because hellspawn kidnapped her newly married husband Andy and intend to use him as bait to lure her to them for some-also-unknown-reason, and that chasing them through a portal lead Flora to Earth where she begins her long quest of growth to get past her weaknesses and insecurities, and of course to save Andy [and eventually help save Earth in the process].

This scene is one of her first major battles, and also the first encounter with the terrifying Cyberdemon, a staple icon of the Doom series, and easily the most powerful [non-modded] enemy type any player can fight. Yes they have them even in the first area of this chapter. Sauron is not flapping around with Earth, unlike his predecessors were.

The intent of this scene more than anything is to depict the seemingly desperate situation she’s gotten into. The original Flora of the other versions of the game would probably die fast in this situation, but her Sceptre, discovered by her not long before this incident’s beginning is the first of many changes that will change her path of meekness into something altogether different from the wallflower she is normally known as. As mentioned before, the Sceptre is both incredibly powerful as a weapon, and is also a defensive mechanism that will even deflect ROCKETS like the Cyberdemon’s back/away from her safely if she employs it right. So the situation LOOKS bad, but in general, she faces down MUCH larger groups of demons in later scenes.

Due to commission pricings, I had to limit the number of participants to 6; Flora and the five other Hellspawn here. In actuality, she’s already fought a lot of other lesser enemies of the series before this point despite the earliness of this part of the chapter, but fitting them all in these images would be a nightmore for the commission maker, and a nightmare on my wallet. :P

Again, expect other scenes from this chapter to play out. They might not necessarily be done from start to end. but scattered around randomly, and I doubt the next commission with be such a scene, as I’m sure the commission maker will want something a bit more simplier to deal with next time. <.<

Phase ‘3’.7 of Commission #10.

Yes, two phase updates at once. Actually techincally the full commission is finished right now, but I want to tie up loose ends first before I post the two varients of it.

Anyways, 8 versions of Flora/Nera here. There’s three different categories of choices:
1. Normal and Battle-Damaged
2. Sceptre on Back or Sceptre in Hand
3. w/ Magic Missiles or w/o Magic Missiles

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