Another character joins the roster of the project.

This gent is Rancillian “Romulo” Jederickson, a youthful chap whom is around the general same age as the original hero of DQ5, with something of an attitude and a descendancy from the bloodline of a particular fortune-telling heroine of the series’ past.

Though his birthplace is not yet known/determined, what is known is that he lived a large part of his life in Mosterferrato, and during his youth was a friend of Flora, Debora and Andy, at least until he caused a misunderstanding that came close to breaking said friendship completely apart.

Feeling shame over his ‘mistake’, he took the opportunity to leave town with members of his extended family and disappeared for roughly 8-9 years to parts unknown. Rumor even has it that his adventures took him offworld to other dimensions and planes where he might have had witness to grand worlds and landscapes.

However, drawn back towards ‘home’ due to the circumstances of a particular character’s actions, Romulo has reappeared back in the lives of his three old friends, and though it wasn’t too hard to mend fences with two of them, the last of them might not be as easy to fix his relationship with…

In his travels, he acquired a halberd of specialized craftsmanship which he uses as his main weapon in battle, and despite his young age, demonstrates at the least a level of skill worthy of an older, hardened soldier. He still tends to be pretty snarky and rambunctious though.

However he too might hide a few secrets of his own, including one that might spell his possible fate if not revealed soon.

So in other words, he’s another major character. Still, like Barrell, Romulo’s design is subject to change in future images. >.>

Some preliminary sketches of a new character for the Dragon Quest V project I’ve been having images made for me for over the last few years.

Short version: his name is Barrell Kingstone, and he’s an elite soldier/guard under the employ of the Briscoletti family. A veteran of ~25 years who operates a little bit outside the norms of the other guards [and unlike most who use spears, he has an advanced Cautery Sword as a main weapon] and has been working in the family since Rodrigo himself was a teenager [in fact, Barrell’s first major position was as Rodrigo’s personal guardian, and he still serves occasionally as Flora and Debora’s personal guardian when they were children in continuation of that tradition].

He also plays a greater overall role in the scope of the larger story, although how he does will not yet be revealed out of concern of possible spoilers.

There might be more images of him or updates with a colorization to them. He is also planned to show up in a later full-commission as well, hence why I paid to have some design concept of him made. Keep in touch to learn more.

Also, be on the look out for sketches of yet ANOTHER new character in the future. More on him later though. >.>

Pffft… I take your 28 and raise you to 42. :P

1. Super Mario Bros. 3
2. EarthBound
3. Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars
4. Dragon Quest V
5. Final Fantasy VI
6. Ren & Stimpy: Veediots
7. The Ultimate Doom/Doom II
8. Duke Nukem 3D
9. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale
10. Circus Caper
11. Vegas Dream
12. Megaman 3
13. Megaman X2
14. Super Ghouls N’ Ghosts
15. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island
16. Shadow Warrior
17. Quake II
18. SiN / Wages of SiN
19. Heretic II
20. Bubsy In Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind
21. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
22. Doom III / Resurrection of Evil
23. Bioshock
24. Borderlands
25. Final Fantasy IV
26. Serious Sam: The First Encounter / The Second Encounter
27. Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
28. Double Dragon III: The Rosetta Stones
29. Megaman 7
30. Megaman X
31. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow
32. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood
33. Super Castlevania IV
34. Chrono Trigger
35. Wolfenstein 3D / Spear of Destiny
36. Heretic / Hexen
37. Hexen II
38. Final Fantasy V
39. Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold / Planet Strike
40. Super Meat Boy
41. Age of Empires II: Age of Kings & The Conquerors Edition
42. MOTHER 3

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*upper middle class fucker voice* But you have [one nice thing] so how are you poor 


Yeah because you know, poor people were ALWAYS poor and never at any time in their lives might have actually been decently well off enough to buy basic appliances like a refrigerator… or a stove… or a microwave… or [insert-name-of-object-here] >_>;

For Gandhi’s sake people, GET THE HELL OVER IT ALREADY. Bad times can fall upon well-off or decent working people too. x.x

Another new image from Kyo-Akemori. Actually two versions of it, due to a small mistake. The final version is the one with the big treasure chest, while the second one is the original version before the correction [the correction mostly being the addition of said treasure chest, and an alteration to the expression].

Truth be told, I really need to find a good way to play these games thoroughly, but this is Linear Cannon from the “Shinkisekai Evolutia” series of games, or “Evolution”, as seen on both the Sega Dreamcast and the Nintendo GameCube.

To be honest, I requested this image [along with Popuri from the earlier commission] in order to break from the solid chain of Dragon Quest V related material. It’s not the only reason, as there might ultimately be some later purpose behind Linear’s art here, maybe not. ._.

But yeah, for those who are familar enough with the character [I know a least one or two people I know fall under this], I wanted to go a bit astray from Linear’s usual ‘super shy’ impression. Not enough to take away from it completely, but I wanted to give her a bit of an actiony appearance.

The treasure chest in the picture is based off another image I referenced to Kyo, but in the context of the Evolution games, it makes some sense, being Linear has at least been around a lot of different treasure hunters in her time, so it only makes some sense she might have learned some of their tricks and trade on her own time.

The idea is that this Linear, while not quite completely over her more nervous traits, has progressed a lot more since the original 2 games [including going from almost fully taciturn to being able to actually speak on an almost common basis, even in spite of her shyness], and also gaining some firm backbone to do the occasion job herself now.

In other words, making her a bit more… kickass maybe? :P

Anyways… I won’t go into anymore on the premise. As for the second version of the image, as I had mentioned, the treasure chest had not been in that version, and I had made the mistake by not specifying it to Kyo before, so her expression was a bit more embarassed/shy. At least her outfit ends in shorts, so there’s not actually a thing like a panty shot… you pervs. :P

I kept both versions for comparison, and to give an idea what the changes actually where. I don’t know how much the addition of the chest to the final image changes the perception of things, but oh well. :P

So yeah… a new commission done for me, but this time you’ll notice it’s not professormegaman, but a different artist by the name of "Kyo-Akemori"


For some context to this picture, you’d have to understand my history with the FPS genre. Sure… Wolfenstein 3D and Doom were a huge part of my younger ages and molded me to become interested in the genre, but at the same time, I was also an RPG fan due to games like EarthBound, Final Fantasy VI and Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. For those who follow my “Naferia’s Reign” modification I mention from time to time, you’ll know one of the main features is to have multiple playable characters available to the player in the same party at the same time, giving a more RPG front to the mod. However there was an initial inspiration for that particular idea in NR, and that was a game known as Crime Crackers, or “クライムクラッカーズ”. Despite the fact that neither game in the series was brought here to America, I was still able to get the idea of the RPG/FPS hybrid concept from the EGM magazine I saw in 1994, the year of the first game’s release. The character above is Popuri, or “Potpurri Vamp”[“ポプリ・ヴァンプ”], a [sadly] non-playable character in the game, whom for the longest time I believed was a hidden playable character due to her prominence on the game’s cover-art and the obscure amount of screenshots I had on hand of the game. The truth is she’s supposedly a type of ‘cyber elf’, from documents at "Gaming Sanctuary", although I’ve always gotten a kind of vampiric or demonic vibe from her design. Although she’s not playable, the plot establishes she can control a sort of bio-electrical energy, which I still would’ve thought would’ve made a great attack for her had she been playable. For one of my own ideas for a storyline, I came up with a more ‘active’ version of the character who would in addition to bio-energy attacks, have some form of martial arts ability, hence why the image depicts her in a kick and wearing golden knuckles. So yeah, I’ve seen all but one other fanart of Popuri, and very few of Crime Crackers the series in general. I had planned to commission an image of Popuri in the past, and maybe some of the other characters from the game, but the person I planned to commission never got around to my idea and I drifted away from the idea. Then not long ago, I came on Kyo-Akemori and his commissions [which going to his page, they cost dA points, not full out money]. So I decided to take him up on this and one other commission for another not-as-obscure RPG series that’ll be added soon. And thus this picture now exists. Yay me. :P


I’m creating my own post of this to spread awareness.  If the victim’s text confessions from their coming forward somehow don’t carry enough weight to grasp your eyes and ears attention, I -dare- you to say that to their actual spoken words.  I may not personally know every single one of these victims firsthand, but you best believe that I’m willing to stand alongside each and every one of them and help bring this toxic asshole who’s been festering for years now to the swift justice he deserves.  And as for everyone who’s doing their best to fling themselves under the bus to try and protect him?  You will be given the same receipt.

I care.  And you should too.

Link for the Tumblr Masterpost:

signal boost o.o

Sort of a ‘detour’ from all the previous works related to Dragon Quest from ‘professormegaman’ that I’ve put on this channel.

This one has no relation to the same project or even the same game. It’s more of an image of his he left incomplete and I all but bugged him to complete [with a but of $ compensation].

Enjoy Princess Gwaelin/Lady Lora [of Dragon Quest I] as a dancer, both in the completed full colors and the original flat colors version. :P





As of 10:30PM EST, 28/6/14, superpsyguy is now a protected account. All of his art and poetry submissions from his deviantart account have been hidden and the journals purged (considerably more effort to accomplish, yet not nearly as permanent as deactivation). He has yet to deactivate like he has with the now-defunct ‘abberuin’ page. Same goes with his main youtube page, ‘superpsyguy’, while ‘thecartridgeblowers’ and ‘doesathing’ remains untouched and active. His 'fanpage' for Facebook has been removed and redirects to the Facebook homepage. His personal tumblr account, superpsyguy, remains un-updated since 14/6/14.

Please be aware that

are all alternate accounts owned by Bryon Beaubien.

This is a growing list as more are being remembered/uncovered by the minute.

Do you have something to hide, Bryon?

I don’t know. Maybe he just wants to be left alone for a change.

Unless there’s some legitimate reason to harp on him, like he took commissions and then never followed up on them, or he personally harassed someone, or some similar egregious offense (I haven’t been paying attention much to what’s been going on other than “ugh that guy”) maybe he’s locking everything up because people are being assholes about something they shouldn’t.

Most people are good about being able to say, “no, this isn’t worth it, I’m not going to stay here” when it comes to things like that.

I haven’t been paying attention much to what’s been going on other than “ugh that guy””


maybe he’s locking everything up because people are being assholes about something they shouldn’t”


Okay, I can see that you just want to give the benefit of the doubt here, but you really should read more about what’s going on here before trying to do so. Especially since you just admitted you don’t know much about this situation.

There’s everything you need to know and then some. Scroll through the rest of the superpsyguy-callout tumblr as well. Please don’t brush this off as anger for the sake of anger, because its not. Those of us who have dealt with Bryon’s abusive and manipulative behavior don’t really appreciate the implication.

Okay see

THIS is why raising awareness is so important you guys.

Also, no. ಠへಠ, “TL:DR” is no friggin excuse at this point to anyone who might be daring to say that. I’m tired of the “TL:DR” culture being a unwitting accomplice in these kinds of situtations. x.x

Final Phase of Commission #11: Third segment of final product [4th of 4 parts]

This final part deals with all the combinations where the Witch King’s Flail is the ‘front’ flail in the combination.

So yeah, anyways… being this is the final segment of the entire thing: after notes:

Yeah… as mentioned, this one… took a lot longer than either Brian or I expected it would. I also had to compliate the 44 different images you saw from the PSD file he sent me, as he was outright unwilling to do that grunt work himself. I figured I could handle it well enough, knowing what combinations I needed and wanted, and thus here we go.

So yeah, the four types of flail are two types of Chain Chomp from the Mario series, the Dragon Quest series’ own Flail of Destruction, and the flail used by the Witch King in Lord of the Rings.

There were three poses, and the one that obviously took the most time was the dual wielding one, as there were 16 combinations of flails that could’ve been done, and the other half of the images were including the visual effects like the whooshing of the weapons in mid swing.

I don’t know if I’ll ever revisit flails as a weapon display again after this, considering how damn much this agitated Brian from time to time, I might some time do some other weapons or even some equipment combinations, but not right away. The next commission [if applicable] will be another scene, probably a continuation of the same series from where the last commission left off. :P

Stay well folks, hopefully I didn’t flood you all out of house and home with all these posts. @_@

Final Phase of Commission #11: Third segment of final product [2nd of 4 parts]

This specfic segment deals with all the combinations where the Flail of Destruction [yes, the same one from DQ] is the ‘front’ flail in the combination.

Final Phase of Commission #11: Third segment of final product [1st of 4 parts]

Yeah, FOUR segements. This section has THIRTY-TWO combinations, the most of any pose in not just THIS commission and but any of them ProfessorMegaman has done for me thus far. Needless to say, we both underestimately just how long this one was going to take.

This set deals with all the combinations where the Chain-Chomp [non spiked] is the ‘front’ flail in the combination.

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